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Fulham Work Horse WH8-277V-L Electronic Ballast for 1-6 Fluorescent Lamps BAL9445

Fulham Work Horse WH8-277V-L Electronic Ballast for 1-6 Fluorescent Lamps BAL9445

$65.44 ea

Brand: Fulham
MPN: WH8-277-L
Input Voltage: 277V
Max Wattage: 220W
Primary Lamp Operation: T5/T8/T12/CFL
Number of Lamps: 1 ~ 6
Lamp Wiring: Lamp Dependent
See Spec-Sheet for All Compatible Lamp Combinations



SKU: BAL9445


Fulham Workhorse WH8-277-L • Instant Start
Electronic Ballast for 1 to 6 Fluorescent Lamps 277V Linear Case

  • Fulham Workhorse solid-state electronic ballast is expertly designed for maximum versatility
  • Approved for lamp combination maximum of 220 watts
  • Ideal for use with fluorescent lamps that are not switched on and off frequently
  • Energy saving
  • High power factor
  • Compact and lightweight case
  • Use With Lamp Types: CFT36W; CFT40W; CFT50W; CFT55W; CFT96W; F24T5HO; F39T5HO; F54T5HO; F80T5HO; F13T8; F14T8; F15T8; F17T8; F18T8; F25T8; F30T8; F32T8; F60T8HO; F72T8HO; F40T10; F48T10VHO; F60T10VHO; F72T10VHO; F14T12; F15T12; F20T12; F24T12; F25T12; F30T12; F36T12; F40T12; F42T12; F48T12; F60T12; F64T12; F72T12; F84T12; F96T12(60W); F96T12(75W); F18T12HO; F24T12HO; F30T12HO; F36T12HO; F42T12HO; F48T12HO; F60T12HO; F64T12HO; F72T12HO; F84T12HO; F96T12HO(95W); F96T12HO(110W); F48T12VHO; F60T12VHO; F72T12VHO; F96T12VHO
  • See spec-sheet for all compatible lamp combinations

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 19.25 × 1.75 × 1 in

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications
Input Voltage: 277V Ballast Type: Electronic Fluorescent
Max Wattage: 220W Ballast Factor: Electronic Fluorescent
Max Current: 0.92A Power Factor: >0.90
Min Start Temperature: -20°F (-30°C) Enclosure Type/Material: Linear / Metal
Max Case Temperature: 158°F (70°C) Starting Method: Instant Start
Sound Rating: A Lamp Wiring: Lamp Dependent
Dimensions: 19.24″ x 1.72″ x 1.03″ Classifications & Certifications: UL Listed; FCC
Weight: 2.0 lbs Warranty: Manufacurer Warranty Applies
Suitable for air handling spaces
Ballast must be grounded
ANSI C82.11 – 1993


Fulham Lamp Wiring Chart Upload Date: 01/11/2022