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TRA 375W Stepdown Autotransformer 480V to 277V (GE 74120 GETR480/277-375W)

TRA 375W Stepdown Autotransformer 480V to 277V (GE 74120 GETR480/277-375W)

$44.25 ea

Brand: General Electric
MPN: TRA74120
Input Voltage: 480V
Rated Power: 375W
Number of Lamps: 1
STEP DOWN: 480V to 277V




SKU: TRA74120


GE TR480/277-375W • 375W Stepdown Autotransformer 480V to 277V

  • Non-Isolated Autotransformer designed specifically for lighting applications to step down 480V to 277V or 347V to 200V
  • For use with one or more electronic 277V or universal voltage ballasts within max total system power of autotransformer
  • 480Vrms Input, 60Hz Only, 277Vrms Full Load Output
  • For loads with total system power <375VA (480V) or <270VA (347V)
  • Internal Auto Reset Thermal Protector Rated 100C
  • For use on single phase
  • 93% electrical efficiency
  • Use With Lamp Types: F54T5/HO; F32T8

Additional information

Weight 4.9 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 2.25 × 1.5 in

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications
Input Voltage: 480V Primary Application: STEP DOWN 480V TO 277V 
Rated Power: 375W Enclosure Type: METAL
Max Case Temperature: 212°F (100°C) Power Factor Correction: Active
Sound Rating: A (20 ~ 24 dB) Lamp Wiring: Series
Dimensions: 11.80″ x 2.70″ x 1.20″ Classifications & Certifications: UL/cUL Listed
Weight: 4.55 lbs Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Thermally Protected



TRA74120 – Technical Specification Sheet Upload Date: 01/22/2021