What LED Fixtures does Bulb Daddy offer?

Bulb Daddy sells more than 50 types of LED fixtures. That includes:

Canopy Fixtures

Canopy lights are typically ceiling-mounted fixtures that provide general illumination in areas where dust and water are concerns. That’s because canopy fixtures are sealed from the elements. They are most often found in exterior or commercial settings, including gas stations, parking garages, tunnels, gymnasiums and warehouses.


Downlights are called such because they emit light straight down, so they are almost always mounted inside of a ceiling or to its surface. LED downlights are versatile and pleasing to look at, so they are a common choice in residential settings and businesses where aesthetics matter.

Exit and Emergency Lighting

Emergency LED fixtures are designed to provide light even when the building’s power goes out. Some emergency fixtures are connected to the building’s power and provide general illumination while power is available and run on a battery when the power is out. Other emergency fixtures only switch on when the power is cut and run on battery. In either case, emergency lighting helps people locate exits and evacuate safely when other lights fail.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are high-output exterior fixtures that are used to illuminate large areas. They range greatly in terms of lumen production, with some LED flood lights emitting more than 20,000 lumens. Given their impressive power, flood lights are typically found around stadiums, sports fields, streets, parking lots, parking garages and warehouses.

Grow Lights and Horticultural Fixtures

LED technology represents a major jump forward for horticultural projects, now that LEDs are comparable to older grow lights in terms of power. LED technology offers much more, including superior energy efficiency and longevity. Together, this means LED grow fixtures cost much less to operate.

High Bays and Low Bays

High bay fixtures are designed to light larger spaces like industrial facilities, warehouses, hangars and municipal buildings. To maximize their effectiveness, high bay fixtures are installed in rooms where the ceiling is at least 20 feet from the ground, while low bay lights are effective for ceilings between 12 and 20 feet off the ground.

Linear Strip Lighting

Linear strip fixtures are customizable lengths of LED lights that are easy to install and designed to accommodate a wide range of room sizes and shapes. Some linear strip LEDs are also dimmable, so their output can be controlled for optimal visibility and appearance.

Panel Lights and Troffers

Panel lights and troffers are rectangular-shaped fixtures designed to fit into a dropped ceiling grid. They are relied on for general illumination and are most often found in office, professional, educational and medical facilities. While fluorescent technology has traditionally been used in panel lights, LED’s superior energy efficiency makes it a cost-effective alternative.

Parking Lot and Cobra Head Lights

Cobra head lights get their name from their oval-like shape and are always installed outside. They are a standard choice for parking lots, streets, highways and tunnels. Municipalities are outfitting outdated cobra head lights with LED fixtures to improve reliability and visibility at street level.

Post Top Lighting

Post top lighting is mounted on top of poles that are typically between 7 and 20 feet off the ground. They are always found outside and usually next to roads, pathways and campuses (both education and professional). Some post top lighting is designed for aesthetics as well as performance. LED fixtures can provide both.

Retrofit Kits

Retrofit kits allow installers to replace older lighting technology with LED lights, without switching out the entire fixture. Retrofit kits can be used to replace a variety of fixtures, including high bays, wall packs, troffers and linear lights.

Security Fixtures

LED fixtures switch on instantly (no warmup needed) and they emit brilliant illumination that renders color well. That makes LED lighting ideal for security purposes. Many fixtures also come with additional features, like motion sensing or dusk-to-dawn operation via a photocell.

Shop Lights

LED shop lights are used to brightly illuminate workbenches and other small areas. Most shop lights are produced in 4-foot lengths and are extremely cost effective due to their focused emission pattern. LED lighting’s energy efficiency enhances this cost effectiveness.

Solar Lights

Solar LED lighting draws its power from the sun through the use of a photovoltaic cell. Solar LED fixtures are popular for their versatility and safety, as they can be installed nearly anywhere without the need for wiring.

Under Cabinet Fixtures

Under cabinet lighting can be found in both residential and commercial settings. When installed under a kitchen cabinet, counter, or bar counter, undercabinet lighting greatly improves the room’s appearance and visibility. LED technology is a top option for under cabinet fixtures because of its energy efficiency and near-zero heat emission.

Vapor Proof Fixtures

Vapor proof fixtures are hardened against the elements, with die-cast housings that defend against moisture and dust. That means vapor proof LED lighting is ideal for settings where these hazards are present, like parking garages, sports facilities and swimming pools, public bathrooms, laundry facilities, food processing facilities, warehouses, and anywhere dust and ambient moisture are common.

Wall Pack Fixtures

Wall pack lighting is installed on the exterior side of buildings for additional security and visibility for nearby people. LED wall packs render color much better than older lighting and switch on instantly while operating at a lower cost.

LED Fixtures for Every Application and Setting

LED lighting has emerged as a top option for nearly any lighting application. That includes everything from the bulb in your lamp to specialized fixtures used in scientific and industrial technologies. If it’s worth lighting, it’s worth lighting with LEDs, and Bulb Daddy can provide a comprehensive assortment of fixture designs.

Our LED fixtures are UL, ETL, RoHS and DLC certified and supplied by a trusted network of manufacturers that maintain tight quality controls. In an industry as young as the LED lighting industry, quality manufacturing is needed to optimize the lifespan and performance of the fixture. We provide that quality.

LED Fixtures

With so many LED fixtures to choose from, it can be a challenge to find the right fixture for your application. Our team is ready to help with that process, though, and no matter what your lighting needs are, Bulb Daddy has an LED fixture that will meet them.