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DRE8W95246 LED Emergency Battery Backup Driver 8W Constant-Power (External)

DRE8W95246 LED Emergency Battery Backup Driver 8W Constant-Power (External)

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Brand: EGT/Bulb Daddy
MPN: DRE8W95246
Wattage: 8W
AC Input Voltage:
120 ~ 277V
DC Output Voltage: 20 ~ 50VDC
Recharge Time: 24 hrs
Discharge Time: ≥1.5 hrs



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E-Source8 • Emergency
Battery Backup LED Driver 8W Constant Power (External)

  • E-Source8 is designed to work in parallel with an existing LED driver allowing same fixture to be used as both normal and/or emergency light
  • Automatically senses power failures and switches to emergency mode, engaging battery and providing power to LED fixture
  • Keeps connected LEDs illuminated at a reduced lumen output for 90 minutes or until power is restored
  • Self-contained unit – LED driver, battery, and charger all in one component
  • Incorporates a single end flex conduit with well-marked wires for easy installation
  • Primarily designed for external fixture installation or in wire ways, but may also be installed inside fixture
  • High temperature and maintenance-free Lithium-ion battery ensures long life 
  • Low output voltage at 20 to 50VDC
  • Delivers up to 8 watts maximum power in emergency mode
  • 2-in-1 switch with LED status indicator
  • Built-in short-circuit, over temperature, battery overcharge and over-discharge protections
  • Self-diagnostic circuit performs periodic tests automatically

Additional information

Weight 3.8 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 13 in

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications
Input Voltage: 120 ~ 277V Battery: Li-ion
Output Voltage: 20 ~ 50VDC Recharge Time: 24 hrs
Emergency Power: 8W Max Discharge Time: ≥1.5 hrs
Input Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz Operation: Automatic
Operating Temperature: 32° ~ 122°F (0° ~ 50°C) Recharging System: Internal
Test: Manual (Switch on Fixture) Surge Protection: Line-Neutral 3kV
Dimensions: 12.32″ x 2.32″ x 1.48″ Classifications & Certifications: UL/cUL Listed; CSA; RoHS
Weight: 2.66 lbs Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Suitable for use in damp locations
Emergency driver must be fed from the same branch circuit as the LED driver

Verify that Luminaire LED lamp(s) have an operation voltage between 20VDC and 50VDC
Verify that Luminaire LED lamp(s) have a power rating equal to, or greater than, the emergency power rating of the driver model under consideration



DRE8W95246 – Technical Specification Sheet Upload Date: 01/19/2022
DRE8W95246 – Installation Instructions Upload Date: 01/05/2021