LED Linear Strip Lighting Works In Any Setting, With Any System

Linear lighting is already a proven illumination technology and has many commercial and industrial applications. You’ll find it hanging in an office, sitting over department store shelves, and providing light inside warehouses.

For decades, linear lighting was typically powered by fluorescent technology, but times are changing. Now, LED technology is the first option in linear strips and offers several benefits over older lighting technologies.

How Are Linear Strip Lights Used?

One of the biggest draws of linear lighting is its versatility. For example, lighting strips can be used in the following applications:

General lighting

Linear strip LED fixtures are perfectly capable of providing general lighting, as long as the LEDs output enough illumination. Aim for at least 450 lumens per foot, as this closely matches the output of T8 fluorescent tubes.

Anywhere you’d place a fluorescent tube, linear strip lighting can work even better in that spot. Department stores, warehouses, parking garages, office buildings, medical facilities – there are few limitations on LED strips.

Task lighting

Because a linear strip light can be installed just about anywhere, it can be adapted for task lighting purposes as well. Mount them over high priority product displays, a cashier station or workbench. Anywhere you need an additional wash of illumination, LED strips are a perfect fit.

Accent lighting

Linear strip lighting can even work in accent lighting applications because it can be formed to any shape and length. LEDs make accent lighting even better because they are available in a comprehensive array of colors. You can also color coordinate your brand with LED light strips, and they will make your brand look stand out and look sharp.

Linear Lighting Is Also Engineered For Flexibility

In addition to its application versatility, a linear LED strip offers excellent installation flexibility. What does that mean?

  • LED strip lighting can be cut to any length – LED linear strips can be field cut to custom lengths, so installers can create a perfect fit without having to premeasure the installation spot. No special tools are needed, either. A pair of scissors will do the job without damaging the strip.
  • LED linear lighting can be formed to any shape – Linear strips are physically flexible, so they can be formed around curves to wrap around any shape. If you’ve got some interesting architectural features, help them stand out with fixtures designed to fit them perfectly.
  • Linear LED Strip Lights Can Be Mounted In One Of Several Ways – LED strip fixtures are flexible both physically and in application. They also come with impressive mounting flexibility. LED strips can be installed with a surface mount or suspended like a pendant fixture. They can be installed under tables, cabinets, counters and bar tops. With their compact build, LED strips can fit just about anywhere.

Three Things To Consider When Selecting Linear LED Strips

When searching for the best LED lighting strip for your application, there are a few things to check before committing to any linear lighting products. Consider the following, for example:

  1. LED lamp density – A linear strip’s LED density refers to how many LEDs per linear foot are placed on the strip. Low density strips (nine LEDs per foot) are more likely to leave gaps in light coverage, while high density strips (36 LEDs per foot) provide optimal coverage and better illumination as a result.
  2. Color temperature (CCT) and color rendering (CRI) – CCT refers to how warm or cool a light looks, while CRI refers to that fixture’s ability to accurately represent colors in the environment. LED strips are available in a range of CCTs, and the best choice will depend on what you want the light to do. For general commercial lighting, sticking close to neutral white (4000K) is recommended, but warmer and cooler strips are available for alternative looks.
    LED linear strip lighting is available with high-CRI ratings, and investing in one of these is a good idea if your lighting will be used in retail or warehouse applications.
  3. Quality of linear strip build – Not all linear strips are engineered equal. The amount of copper in the strip, by weight, has an impact on its electrical performance. The more copper, the better, so look for strips with at least two ounces of copper in each strip. Again, more is better. Also, quality strips are painted white for additional reflectivity, and therefore performance. Low quality strip manufacturers skip this step.

Four Reasons Why LED Linear Strip Lighting Is The First Choice For Businesses

Fluorescent tubes were the standard in linear lighting for a long time, but that time is coming to an end. LED linear lighting strips are now the frontline option for most applications, for several reasons. Four of these reasons include:

  1. Lighting quality – LEDs emit extremely high-quality illumination, comparable to halogen and better than fluorescent. LED light fixtures are directional by nature, so they can be aimed at high priority areas to fill that area with even, brilliant illumination.
  2. Operating efficiency – No other lighting technology is as efficient as LEDs, especially when you factor in their overall system efficiency. Sure, they’re source efficiency is impressive enough, but because more of that light reaches its intended target, LED’s system efficiency far outshines metal halides and other commercial options.
  3. Rated lifespan – LED fixtures also last longer than all other lighting choices. On average, an LED strip will provide about 50,000 hours of quality illumination before replacement should be considered. No other light comes close, including fluorescent tubes (which don’t last half as long as LEDs).
  4. Controllability – LED fixtures run on the kind of circuitry you’d find in any computing device, and this advanced engineering means they can be easily controlled. Attach dimmers, timers, or occupancy controls to your linear lighting system, and you’ll save even more energy and ensure the strips are only on when you need them.

We Have A Deep Selection Of LED Linear Strip Lights

There are a lot of LED linear lighting strips on the market to choose from, and for the untrained, it can be impossible to compare them all. That’s why many turn to a lighting expert like Bulb Daddy to secure the LED strips they need. Our team has decades of experience in LED strips, bulbs, fixtures, drivers, and other lighting accessories. Put our knowledge to work for your lighting application, and we’ll help you choose the best lighting products available for your project.