What LED Lamps Does Bulb Daddy offer?

Bulb Daddy sells hundreds of lamps for a variety of fixtures and settings. Whether you’re looking to replace a single bulb or retrofit an entire commercial lighting system, we have the LED lamps for the job. Some of our products include:

A lamps

A lamps look like the classic light bulb that’s been around since the early 20th century. All A lamps were first powered by incandescent technology, but LED A lamps are now available and can replace incandescent bulbs. In addition to greatly improved energy efficiency and long-term reliability, A lamps with LEDs are dimmable, so their output can be precisely controlled.

Bi-pin base lamps

Bi-pins are another century-old lamp design that once ran on incandescent and halogen technology but are rapidly being replaced by LED alternatives. Bi-pin lamps are small and come in an array of base designs, so fitting the right bi-pin to the application is important. It’s common for bi-pins to be used in various electronics, like televisions, projectors and studio hardware.

BR lamps

BR lamps are typically used in flood lighting applications, as they emit light in a wide angle. Some BR lamps are built to emit beyond a 90-degree angle, so a single lamp can light a large area. Given their emission pattern, BR lamps are ideal for recessed applications and are frequently installed in stairways and in rooms with high ceilings.

Decorative lamps

LED lighting can also replace a variety of decorative lamps. LED Christmas lights can produce a complete range of colors and effects while requiring much less power than other lighting options. LED lamps can also be incorporated into a variety of shapes, materials and styles, including vintage-style lamps.

GU base lamps

GU lamps are designed to fit in fixtures that face downward, so they are popular in recessed applications. GU lamps come in a few designs, including GU24 and GU10. The GU24 design can fit fixtures built for A lamps, while the GU10 design can fit any fixture built for an MR16 lamp.

Halogen incandescent specialty lamps

We have a number of specialty halogen lights on hand, including BAB, EKE, EXN, EXT, FCS, FMW, FTD, GBF, GE, JDR, MR11 and MR16 lamps. These lamps run on older halogen technology, but they are perfect for applications that require brilliant illumination or just for general lighting purposes.

HID and HPS replacement lamps

High intensity discharge (HID) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lights are prized for their intensity, but they lack in efficiency and reliability. An alternative is LED lighting, which can be designed for HID and HPS fixtures. LEDs are much more efficient than HID and HPS lights and they last 20 times longer (or more) before replacement is needed.


LED modules are compact bundles of LED lights that are typically used to light signage. Our modules come with 100 lights in a single pack and can emit in a neutral white (3000K) or cool white (6000K) color temperature. That’s enough illumination for accent and display lighting applications, including window displays and trade show displays.

MR lamps

The “MR” in MR lamps stands for multifaceted reflector. That refers to the reflector that partially houses the lamp, and its design precisely controls the light’s spread. LED lamps have been adapted for use in MR fixtures and this enhances controllability further. MR lamps are ideal for any application that requires directional lighting, including recessed, track, landscape, and retail display applications.

PAR lamps

PAR lamps are similar to MR lamps in that they are extremely directional. They produce a sharp beam that can be thrown over a long distance, which makes them a good choice for stage illumination, automotive headlights and modern lighthouses. PAR lamps are also emerging as an option for residential lighting, where they can work well in recessed applications.

PL lamps

PL stands for Philips Lighting, which is the manufacturer responsible for developing these pin-based, tube-shaped fixtures. Originally designed to accommodate compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) technology, LED alternatives are now available. PL lamps come in a variety of pin designs and we offer several, including the popular GX23 and G24Q models.

Post top lamps

Post top lamps are installed on the top of decorative light posts, garden posts, bollards and park light posts. You’ll normally find them in neighborhoods, parks and along bicycle or walking paths. LED post top lamps offer a much more efficient and long-lived version of post top lighting, replacing metal halide and HPS fixtures.


LED lights can also be built into single or double-sided tubes, which makes them an efficient alternative to fluorescent tubes. LED tubes are typically used to light large signage, but they are also found in emergency lighting, refrigeration lighting and general lighting applications.

Work lights

High output LED lights can be adapted for work settings and replace halogen in most applications. Our LED work lights can output nearly 10,000 lumens of light in a neutral white 5000K color temperature. They render color extremely well, provide omnidirectional illumination and can be paired with one of Bulb Daddy’s work light tripods for easy positioning.

LED Lamps are a Reliable, Cost Effective Alternative to Older Lighting Technology

LED lighting has improved greatly in just the last 10 years, to the point where there’s now an LED lamp for nearly every fixture. That’s good news for anyone looking to upgrade their lighting because LEDs offer several advantages over previous lighting technologies, including operating costs and lighting quality. In short, LED lamps are making a major impact on residential, commercial, and industrial lighting.

Our LED lamps are produced by a trusted network of manufacturers and are UL, ETL, RoHS and DLC certified.

LED Lamps

No matter the fixture, there’s likely an LED lamp designed to fit. That means there’s an efficient, durable, reliable lighting option for every application. Finding that lamp can be tough, but Bulb Daddy can provide the needed insight to solve your lighting needs. Our team has more than 50 years of experience doing exactly that.