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FCS Projection Lamp 24V 150W Bi Pin G6.35 Base 6 Pack BFCS/LUX

FCS Projection Lamp 24V 150W Bi Pin G6.35 Base 6 Pack BFCS/LUX

$4.65 ea
Sold in Pack of 6 for $27.90
Discontinued by Manufacturer – Buy Now While Supplies Last!

Brand: EGT/Bulb Daddy
Wattage: 150W
Voltage: 24V
Lumens: N/A
Color Temperature: N/A
Base: G6.35



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FCS Projection Lamp 150W 24V G6.35 Base (6 Pack)

  • A convenient 6 Pack of FCS projection lamps
  • Halogen non-reflector lamp offers high-quality light and are easy to install, replace, and operate
  • Incorporates a distortion-free quartz bulb and precise positioning of mounted filament
  • Ensures optimal beam performance and consistent, high light output
  • Provides all the proven advantages of halogen technology such as a full spectrum and a color rendering index of 100
  • Maintains lumen output with almost no reduction throughout lifetime
  • Broad variety of applications, including projection systems

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Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2.5 in

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage: 24V Color Temperature: N/A
Power Consumption: 150W Technology: Halogen
Lumens: N/A Shape: N/A
Lumens per Watt: N/A Base: G6.35
Power Factor: N/A Finish: Clear
Color Rendering Index (CRI): 100 Filament: Flat
Beam Angle: N/A Dimmable: Yes
Operating Temperature: N/A IP Rating: N/A
Rated Lamp Hours: 50 Construction: N/A
Dimensions: 0.05″ dia. x 1.75″ Compliance: N/A
Weight: 0.05 lbs Warranty: Manufacturer Warranty Applies
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