What is an LED Shoebox Light?
Named after what they look like and nothing about the light, the Shoebox name is continued from the old Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) parking lot fixtures which take the form of a rectangle box with an integrated heat sink that helps to dissipate heat properly from the bulb in the middle. Due to this, the light casing looks like a shoe box, hence the name Shoebox light. Similarly, some street and roadway lights were also known as Cobra Heads due to the familiar shape of the fixture. With the arrival of LED technology, both fixtures were reinvented but the names stuck and now they are still addressed and widely-known as LED Shoebox lights or LED Cobra Heads. They come in various shapes and sizes designed to accommodate numerous applications like Parking Lot Lighting, Roadway Lighting, and Area Lighting.

Advantages of LED Shoebox Lights
LED proves to be superior in many ways. For example, a 150 watt LED Shoebox delivers the same light output as an old 400 watt MH or HPS fixture. They are also much brighter in comparison. LED light is far more consistent and exhibits virtually no drop in efficiency throughout its lifetime. Comparatively, MH and HPS lamps begin to visually drop in output efficiency as soon 100 hours into their operation. LED lamps also require less power for operation. Lower power consumption means lower energy costs with little to no maintenance and you receive better light distribution. Instant ON operation means NO warm-up wait time and the LED is quite resistant to temperature fluctuations – operating in temperatures from well below freezing and as high as 125°F. The LED Shoebox can also be fitted with an array of devices such as Daylight Sensors, Infrared Sensors, and Motion Sensors. Most fixtures come standard with 0-10V dimming function.

LED Shoebox Parking Lot Light
The new LED Shoebox features more practical designs for multiple uses with advanced LED technology. Because of their versatility and functionality, LED Shoebox lights can be modified with different mounting options. Slip-fitter mounts are used mostly with square or round poles, while yoke mounts are designed for wall installations. They can also be ground-mounted as a flood light for building illumination. LED Shoebox/Cobra Head light functionality doesn’t stop at just parking lots. They can also be used for parks, walkways, playgrounds, schools, universities, hospitals, arenas, car dealerships, streets, roadways, and more!

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Things to consider before purchasing an LED Shoebox
With all the options in the market place it can be a challenge to find the right LED Shoebox. First consider your specific application and determine the options that are most important to you, such as light output, fixture size and style, mounting/installation, color temperature of the light, operating voltage, etc. Is weight is a factor? Do you need to include a photocell for automated operation?

There are countless fixtures in the market place and they all vary in style and design, but it’s what’s inside that ultimately determine the fixture cost. One of the most important components in any LED fixture is the LED driver. It’s the heart of the fixture. Make sure that it is of good quality from a reputable brand such as Mean Well or Sosen. Next let’s look at the LED chips that are being used. Again there are many brands, but Samsung, Lumileds, Seoul, and Cree are some good ones to consider. Just as important is the composition of the fixture shell. The shell design – as well as what it is made of – is responsible for proper cooling and heat dissipation of the fixture itself. Always ensure that the fixture is fitted with a surge protector. Last but not least, make certain that the fixture carries either a UL or ETL certification.

How do I convert from MH or HPS to an LED Shoebox Fixture?
Converting a Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Shoebox to LED is a simple enough procedure, but before you begin consider a few of the following: mounting options, operating voltage, daylight sensors and the amount of light needed.

Questions are many and sometimes the answers aren’t so obvious. If you are ready to start the process of upgrading your old, inefficient parking lot security lights with new LED Shoebox parking lot lights, give Bulb Daddy a call toll-free at 1-877-775-2852 or 775-826-6222. Our experienced lighting technicians have hands-on experience and love helping customers like you every day. Let us help turn your lighting project into a satisfying and stress free experience.

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Where to buy an LED Shoebox fixture
Bulb Daddy has a large selection of quality LED Shoebox fixtures ranging from 60 watts all the way to 300 watts, along with a variety of mounting accessories for a variety of practical applications. All LED Shoebox fixtures are UL and DLC certified. Give our lighting specialists a call toll-free at 1-877-775-2852 or 775-826-6222 and they will be more than happy to answer any questions to help determine which LED Shoebox Light is best for your project.

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